Message from Founders

Message from Founders

When faced with a brave new world, every parent and educator has to come up with brave new answers. But when it comes to our own kids' education, nobody wants to take risks. Yet I believe we live in an age where it is far riskier not to adapt. Sweeping technological changes have reshaped our children’s brains, future careers, the way they play and the way they learn.

It has made a lot of skills irrelevant and others essential. So what should innovative education look like?

New schools do not guarantee innovation and established ones do not guarantee excellence- having done extensive research, met parents and taught students from a wide range of schools for the past 15 years here and abroad, I now see that innovative schools that are excellent require a balance between structure and choice, between traditional and pioneering practices, decisions that take professional expertise, continuous negotiation, and genuine concern for students as individuals. It is with this understanding that our team takes on the challenge of building a one-of-a-kind learning community in Hong Kong that fulfills the promise of preparing students for purposeful work and meaningful lives.

Our curriculum and pedagogical approach will emphasize creativity, appropriate challenge, and expert support for each student at each stage of development. Our students will learn design thinking from an early age to be able to eventually design their own learning paths and to solve problems with compassion. We embed positive education because we believe inner strengths are the foundation of flourishing in the long run. We have a bilingual program in early years and high language expectations later on because these give students richer access to opportunities as well as a broader, more flexible world view.

Our program founding team is comprised of experienced and passionate educators, innovators, and parents who want to build a school that your children will be excited to go, a place where they can form positive identities with confidence so that, one day, they will change the world for the better, but also so that they can start doing good in the here and now.

We invite you and your children to join us and experience what educator Dave Perkins calls a “Futurewise” education.

Renée Boey

Founder and Head of School of Saint Too Bloom Academy
Founder and Head of School of Bloom KKCA Academy
BA English (Honors), Harvard University
MPhil Renaissance Literature, University of Cambridge
MFA Writing, University of San Francisco
PGDE, University of Hong Kong

In today's fast-paced and unpredictable era, fostering a sense of purpose in our younger generation is not just important, but essential, for their long-term success and wellbeing. This is why at Saint Too Bloom Academy we offer project-based learning that immerses our students in real-world problems and entrepreneurial ventures, instilling in them not just the skills but also the mindset needed to navigate life’s challenges. This hands-on approach encourages students to engage deeply with their work, linking their academic efforts to tangible outcomes and nurturing a sense of purpose that motivates and sustains them.

We believe in cultivating a growth mindset, where students understand that their abilities can develop through hard work and dedication. This mindset encourages them to set their own goals and to strive towards their goals despite adversity.

At Bloom, we nurture their passions, helping students find fulfillment that guides them in pursuing their dreams. Our curriculum offers ample and unique opportunities in and out of the classroom to explore and deepen their interests, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to thrive.

I am deeply grateful for the chance to pursue my own dream with Bloom, a journey of grit, passion, and perseverance. As we make our plans, I bear in mind that, "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps," (Proverbs 16:9), providing the faith and courage to see this through. It is my hope that by instilling these qualities in our students, we can nurture a generation equipped to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Glory be to God for guiding us on this amazing journey!

Yvette Ho

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Saint Too Bloom Academy
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Bloom KKCA Academy
Co-Chairman of Changing Young lives Foundation

Former member of Diocesan Girls’ School School Council and SMC

Member of President’s Council of Brown University

Honorary fellow of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford University