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Innovation & Creativity - STEAM Studios

To incubate innovators, Bloom’s STEAM Studios take project-based learning to the next level by designing learning pathways that inspire creativity and effective preparation for the future of work. A studio is a space to explore specific fields and industries through skills training, application, project creation, and learning directly from companies, labs, and organizations the way an apprentice would.

Inquiry-Driven: Each STEAM studio asks driving questions that engage
students in cross-disciplinary inquiry and problem-solving. Students choose problems to tackle, learn research methodologies and data analysis that empower them to seek their own solutions.

Apprenticeship Model: By combining a workplace environment with classroom learning, studios provide students the chance to apply what they are learning while they develop technological and soft skills. Seasoned professionals provide not just knowledgeable advice but also mentorship and insights into their industries’ methods, standards, and culture.

Hands-On Learning: Our studios are designed for active, experiential learning - learning by doing. Students engage in projects, working together to create and experiment. This immersive approach, where they learn through experiences, helps students retain knowledge and foster essential skills like problem-solving and collaboration.

Finding Focus: we concentrate on four important STEAM areas

In each STEAM Studio, we provide curriculum, immersive experiences, real- world partners, and research and internship opportunities to allow students to develop skills in high-leverage fields from engineering to digital arts, from AI to architecture.

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Biotechnology and food science


Data visualization and engineering

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Game design and AI


Urban sustainability

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