Internships and Projects

Internships and Projects

How do you discover your interests? Who can help you do so?

Beyond excellent academic preparation, Bloom engages young people in “Big Questions”, a variety of creative processes, professional settings, and work experiences to explore and nurture their potential and passions.

Real-World Experience: Internships with local businesses and rganizations provide a platform for students to gain firsthand knowledge, role models, and memorable experience in their fields of interest.

Tangible outcomes: Students engage in missions and learning cycles that result in products and practical outcomes – from designing prototypes to developing solutions. Students present these outcomes to authentic audiences and reflect on the process of learning, which matters just as much.

Service Learning: Students are taught early on to give back. Our projects are designed to tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and address current community issues, encouraging students to develop empathy, compassion, and social responsibility.

Social Innovation Projects: Students analyze business models of successful social enterprises and examples of high-impact social innovation. We challenge them through individual and group initiatives to devise solutions to real problems, which promotes entrepreneurial thinking and leadership skills. These projects help students discover what matters to them and how they might make a difference.

Whether it is creating an educational app to foster financial literacy or interning at leading robotics companies to design assistive devices for the elderly, Bloom students emerge from these experiences not just as learners, but as contributors to society and shapers of the future, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and moral compass to make a positive impact in the world.