Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for the 2024/25 school year at Saint Too Bloom Academy is payable in 11 equal installments outlined in the table below.
We do not ask for a debenture or capital levy. Dependent on the school year’s field trips and arts program, there may be miscellaneous fees that incur; details of which will be provided to families beforehand. Information about uniform and bus routes will also be shared upon enrolment.

Grade Level

Monthly Tuition

Payment Installments

Grade 7 -8



About Financial Assistance

Saint Too Bloom Academy aims to build a diverse and caring community that enables our students to flourish and grow. We believe that all students should be given equal opportunities for education and thus, financial assistance is available to eligible students of all grades. We welcome all prospective families who believe they require financial assistance to contact us for more information.

Each application will be assessed independently, and qualified applicants will receive assistance based on their respective needs. To determine if an application is eligible, we review the applicant’s monthly family income, assets, and the number of household dependents. All costs relating to this Financial Assistance Program come from donations and the Bloom Foundation, and the information you provide allows us to allocate the funds and enables us to be accountable to the donors.

Please note that there is an expectation that students who receive a scholarship will remain until graduation from Grade 12. Apart from family circumstances requiring the family’s relocation from Hong Kong, if a student leaves prior to graduation, the family may be asked to repay the scholarship fees awarded. Thank you for your understanding and commitment.
Financial aid recipients are obliged to inform Saint Too Bloom Academy immediately should their family’s financial situation improve. We also reserve the right to review the financial status of each recipient family periodically to determine the eligibility for on-going financial support.
For further information regarding the application process for Financial aid, please contact