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Bloom Entrepreneurship Program:

Unleashing Innovative Potential

From Ideas into Impact

How can high school students prepare for a rapidly changing world? At Bloom, we believe entrepreneurship is key. Entrepreneurship at Bloom develops vital skills like critical thinking and financial literacy, and builds personal strengths like critical resilience and leadership. Here, entrepreneurship isn’t a one-off unit or an afterschool club - it's an ongoing journey that every Bloom student engages in over the years.

We redefine traditional boundaries of learning by integrating entrepreneurship with academic subjects.In biology class, students might explore biotechnology startups, while in math, they use statistics to analyze real-world market data. Imagine learning the science of sustainable fabrics in chemistry as you craft your own eco-friendly fashion line. And then applying the persuasive power of language you learned in English to pitch your fashion product to industry experts. This is the Bloom difference – a school where academic excellence meets hands-on experience, where entrepreneurship brings it all together to create added value.

Creativity and Self Agency

At Bloom, we believe in the power of human creativity. But how do we cultivate this innate creativity in each child? We design inspiring lessons that encourage experimenting and provide targeted feedback and structure so that they immerse in experiences that foster curiosity and stimulates students to ask, “What if?” By beginning with simpler tasks and moving towards progressively more complex challenges, we encourage student agency and creativity in a scaffolded manner. From identifying a problem to building a business model and producing the solution itself, step by step, goal by goal, students acquire essential skills in project management and collaboration. This approach not only builds self-confidence but also prepares students to handle the real-world challenges in entrepreneurship and blaze their own trails.

Powered by CoCoon Foundation: Mentorship, Networks, and Partnerships

The future of work is fast-evolving. What further sets us apart is the caliber of industry expertise in our program that exposes students to leading innovations in diverse fields. Partnering with one of Hong Kong’s top leaders in entrepreneurship education, CoCoon Foundation (S88), we connect students to a network of Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area innovators, opening doors to the future of tech and entrepreneurship.

On top of company visits, Bloom students have access to quality mentorship from entrepreneurs and industry experts, receiving feedback that deepens the process of human-centered design. Such direct exposure to professional perspectives ensures that our student’s projects are practical, innovative, and grounded in real-world challenges. From biotech and food science to AI, data science, and renewable energy, Bloom positions our students at the forefront of cutting-edge industry developments.

Partnering with the CoCoon Foundation, Bloom students don’t just learn to innovate one day – they become innovators day by day.

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