Science and Makerspace Teacher

Michael Chan

Science and Makerspace teacher

Michael Chan is an accomplished and dedicated science teacher with extensive experience in the Makerspace and STEM education field. He holds a ProfGCE in Science with a specialization in Biology from Newcastle University. As part of his course, he taught at Southmoor Academy and Kingsmeadow Community College. In addition, he possesses a Biomedical Science BSc with honors from the University of Hull, where he extensively studied various scientific disciplines, including microbiology, immunology, genetics, cancer biology, and proteomics.

Michael has over five years of teaching experience in Hong Kong. He has been able to instill the love of science and STEM education to secondary students. A strength of his is that he encourages all of his students to find their inner creator and develop their critical and creative thinking skills through problem solving. Michael seeks to enlighten students about the joys and wonders of science and STEM, while ensuring that they maintain curiosity and ask important questions to drive the inquiry process.

He has experience working with a wide range of students. Prior to joining Bloom, he served as a teaching assistant at Durham Trinity College. He provided invaluable support to students with special educational needs, creating an inclusive and nurturing learning environment. Michael's commitment to his students' well-being was evident through his proactive management of classroom behavior and his dedication to fostering a supportive atmosphere where every student could thrive.