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Mei Chen

STEM Program Director

Mei Chen is an accomplished scientist and engineer who has over a decade of industry experience at Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Accenture Consulting, and Lockheed Martin Space Systems (including programs with NASA!). Mei brings to the Bloom classroom real-world applications of science and a wonderful ability to make science, math and technology exciting and relevant in the everyday life of her students. Mei completed her BS degree at UCLA with a Computer Science major and Graphics Design minor. She continued her computer science education at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating with a 4.0 GPA in Software Engineering & Management. Mei joined Baker & Bloom in 2013, and is passionate about using each student’s character and personal interests as the seeds for their learning. In addition to teaching at Baker & Bloom, Mei has taught at DBS for Extended Learning Weeks, designed the curriculum for Ocean Park Winter Camp, and trained teachers.

Mei is a Google Certified Educator who has accumulated over 15 years of experience teaching and working with children of all ages. Ever since she worked part-time at the Los Angeles Children's Museum in 1997, Mei has discovered and rediscovered the joys of learning, teaching, and playing alongside children. Throughout her professional career, she has volunteered and taught.  She taught K-12 Discover-Engineering classes in the school district of San Jose, California. In 2009, she moved to Hong Kong and continued her passion for education and child development through NPOs such as U-Hearts 兩地一心 and Society for Community Organization 香港社區組織協會.

Mei has coached IB science as well as lead 3D modeling and design projects for secondary students. Combining her passions for entrepreneurship and technology with education, Mei believes all complex scientific concepts can be taught in layman’s terms and she likes to start each lesson with a fun scientific experiment. Science, tech, engineering, and math taught in a modern approach uses knowledge about our world to solve problems that Hong Kong students care about. Mei wants each student to understand that they have a unique and interesting perspective on our world and can even solve an impossible problem- if they can ask meaningful questions and are supported by robust skills that set them up for a successful future.